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Baltia, one of our new modular recliner sofas.
Baltia has a conventional one-piece backrest which can be lifted and folded by a smart
multipositional mechanism that we have especially created for this design.
Our machinery offers a variety of technological possibilities which have allowed us to add several innovations that have given high comfort to the backrest. They are small details that cannot be seen, although they can be appreciated when you sit in.




Most of this type of backrests that can be found in the market have been designed with a
horizontal stitching that is placed between the backrest and the lumbar support, so that  fabrics do not crease. We managed to avoid this stitching and the backrest is smooth in both positions, generating only slight wrinkles when it is raised to the maximum.




Frame of pine wood and MDF


Fibersilk 100%


Polieuretano 35 kg + Poliuretano 35 kg + fibra (Tacto Medio + Tacto Soft)


Fibersilk 100%


Este modelo dispone de módulos relax motorizados.

Sofa bed

Este modelo permite descansar en una posición cardiosaludable perfecta para el sueño.

Includes scatters

Includes scatters

Cleaning robot

Altura de pata suficiente para permitir la limpieza con robot aspirador.


Livetime warranty in frame and seat suspension. Rest of pieces 2 years.

Sustainable manufacture

Sustainable manufacture

4 arm options

Brazo Dune Atlanta&Baltia
We have designed four different arms that can be used both with Atlanta and with Baltia. This offers a wide range of possible combinations in order to please our customers, and suit their needs. SUNSET, JAZZ, WAVE and DUNE (S, J, W, D) are the choice of arms that we are presenting. The special feature is that they can be assembled with a simple mechanism that does not require the use of any tools.

Legs Options

Pata Metal
Pata "Y" Metal
Pata Metal Pacific Atl-Bal

En los modelos Atlanta-Baltia esta pata unicamente está disponible para las composiciones con los brazos Dune y Wave.



You look at it wherever you look, you will like it, don't stop turning it, all sides are beautiful

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2D Simulation

Todos nuestros sofás fabricados a medida para cada cliente.

Puedes elegir entre las más de 1000 tapicerías exclusivas de nuestro catálogo, así como crear la modulación que más se adapte a las medidas y necesidades de tu salón

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