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Atlanta is one of our new modular recliner sofas.
After the great success of Avalon “the most comfortable sofa in the world“, we aimed to create a new recliner sofa that could offer the same comfort but with a more modern design, avoiding the high backs which seem to be more difficult to fit in modern living rooms. The new models Atlanta and Baltia share with Avalon the seat system, capable of offering a length and comfort hard to beat. This seat cushion keeps the advantage of having removable covers which you can easily wash.
Another important point is that the touch buttons are hidden to avoid domestic incidents and to guarantee children´s safety.




Atlanta is the result of a research and design project which lasted longer than a year. The aim was to create a low backrest that could turn into a high one in a quick way, but not letting anyone imagine that this was possible. We have designed a very clever mechanism that allows us to hide a headrest in a conventional backrest. In the blink of an eye, we can take the headrest and place it on the top of the backrest. Many people would love to enjoy the comfort that these reclining mechanisms offer.
However, they are reluctant to use these types of designs due to the aesthetic.
With Atlanta, we have accomplished a very modern, contemporary design, which cannot be identified as a recliner sofa at first sight.


4 arm options

Brazo Dune Atlanta&Baltia
We have designed four different arms that can be used both with Atlanta and with Baltia. This offers a wide range of possible combinations in order to please our customers, and suit their needs. SUNSET, JAZZ, WAVE and DUNE (S, J, W, D) are the choice of arms that we are presenting. The special feature is that they can be assembled with a simple mechanism that does not require the use of any tools.



Frame of pine wood and MDF


Fibersilk 100%


Polieuretano 35 kg + Poliuretano 35 kg + fibra (Tacto Medio + Tacto Soft)


Fibersilk 100%


Este modelo dispone de módulos relax motorizados.

Includes scatters

Includes scatters

Cleaning robot

Altura de pata suficiente para permitir la limpieza con robot aspirador.

Sofa bed

Este modelo permite descansar en una posición cardiosaludable perfecta para el sueño.


Livetime warranty in frame and seat suspension. Rest of pieces 2 years.

Sustainable manufacture

Sustainable manufacture


Legs Options

Pata "Y" Metal
Pata Metal
Pata Y metal

En los modelos Atlanta-Baltia esta pata únicamente está disponible para las composiciones con los brazos Dune y Wave.

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You look at it wherever you look, you will like it, don't stop turning it, all sides are beautiful

2D Simulation

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