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The 32nd edition of our photo contest has come to an end.


Once again, we conclude with the Fama photo contest with a very close voting, in which we discover different ways to enjoy a sofa or armchair at home.

In this edition, we have received more than 500 entries from Famalovers, who are 500 households from all parts of the world that are already enjoying a Fama sofa. They are as from Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland as from United States, and Canada.

The winning picture of this year’s edition is entitled: “Coffee in the sun”. It shows one of our relax models, a Baltia sofa, where the winner is comfortably sitting and reading a book having a coffee.

In second place, we find the picture “Reading a little”, in which an avid reader shows the Helsinki armchair that is perfect for spending hours reading.

The third place goes to a group of little readers who are reading on the Avalon relax sofa. This picture is called “Suffering”.

The rest of awarded pictures were “Cocooning” and “Azkorri Etxean”. Both pictures show a composition of our Arianne love sofa.

All these pictures prove that a sofa is such an important element to be enjoyed at home.

The first award-winning picture will be able to choose between a Lenny armchair or a TV. Regarding the 2nd and 3rd prizes will be a set of HomebyFama products. But that is not all, as for the 4th and 5th place there will be a product of HomebyFama.

Between all the voters of the 32nd edition, we have raffled 5 blankets, which are going to the following homes: Eduardo, Jaime, Encarni, Lucia and Raquel.

Congratulations to the winners!

If you have not been able to participate in this year’s edition, please do not worry, as a new edition is coming!

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