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New outdoor sofa, Arianne Garden.

Fama introduces a new range of outdoor sofa, Arianne Garden, designed with outdoor living in mind to meet customers’ needs. Have you ever worked out the costs and inconveniences caused by outdoor sofas? Despite using waterproof fabrics, they still get wet and are slow to dry. Cushions need to be removed and stored every night to prevent them from getting damaged. Arianne Garden solves these issues with a simple idea inspired by nature, while offering great comfort and versatility.  

Fama has developed a modular system where the back folds down to create a table, and which encases the cushions so they are completely protected from all weathers, animals, dust… Contact us to see and try it! Just fold the sofa down when you are not using it and protect it from the effects of the sun, the rain, etc.  

Arianne Garden is a new concept of single units with a polyethylene base which can be easily folded down to protect the cushions from all weathers and animals. The modules can be placed together, individually or creating different shapes and can also be used as a table. 100% made in Spain.

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