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Hábitat Valencia 2019

Fama presented “Tribal Collection” at the Hábitat exhibition which was held in Valencia 2019. This collection received a warm welcome among friends and customers who came to see our Fama stand in Valencia. The stand was placed in the same location as previous years. It was an open space which allowed us to have a more homely decoration style.

The new modular sofas “Klee&Klever”, the recliner sofas “Atlanta&Baltia”, and the “Tribal Collection” fabrics have been the latest designs presented by Fama in Valencia. The exhibition took place from 17 to 20 September. During these days, the attendance at the exhibition went far beyond our expectations as no one wanted to miss our new collection presentation.

The modular sofa Klee caught everyone´s eye due to its design, its versatility and its wide range of choices which allow customers to easily change its sofa parts. The Klever sofa is part of the same family; the only difference is that the Klever sofa is slightly less deep.

The modular recliners “Atlanta&Baltia” sofas stand out due to their hidden headrest and their comfort. These recliners sofas include the possibility of choosing different sofa arms in order to meet customers tastes.

The new exclusive fabrics also made a good impression among the people who visited our stand in Valencia. We are sure that this collection will please design and decoration lovers.

Our next “Tribal Collection” presentation takes places at Esprit Meuble in Paris from 6 to 10 December 2019.

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