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Nature Collection

Let's start taking care of the planet: small actions can produce big changes.

Did you know that 2600 litres of water are needed to make a cotton shirt? Do you know the high level of contamination that can be generated by the dyes used to colour the fabrics?




Recover is a system created by Antonio Ferre in which the remains of textile materials, including used clothes, and also the water plastic bottles, are recycled and transformed into a new thread ready to produce new industrial fabrics, in a totally sustainable way to minimize the environmental impact.

Environmental savings in 2016

42.300 Millions litres of water

3,1 Millions Kg contaminats

152 Millions KWH energy

2,8 Millions Kg textile waste

59 Millions Kg CO2 emissions 

4,3 Millions PET bottles




A collection of 100% sustainable and recycled fabrics

Recover recycled fabrics began to be used in the world of fashion by important brands. When Antonio Ferre presented all these figures and the Recover project to us, it was not difficult to make the decision to create a collection of 100% recycled fabrics designed for the world of sofas; a few months after our meeting, we are pleased to present our new Nature Collection in Paris. A collection of 100% sustainable and recycled fabrics, from remains of industrial fabrics, used clothes and plastic bottles.




This information is really surprising, and when you read it you realise that we must change some of our habits to try to put our grain of sand to contribute to the care of the environment. It will only take



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