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If the fabric of my sofa can be washed, can I do this at home, or does it require any special care?

Of course you can, but we give you some tips for washing the covers of your sofa (provided that it allows washing).

 - We recommend you to wash just one cover before you wash the rest.

 - It is very important that you pay special attention to the cleaning instructions recommended by the manufacturer of the fabric (the symbols in the Guarantee Certificate).

-If you wash the covers in the washing machine, we recommend you to turn them inside out first. This way you will avoid the zippers and Velcro damaging the right side of the fabric.

 - If the cover has Velcro on it, we recommend you to cover it before washing the cover in the washing machine to avoid damages in the fabric. We include some Velour tapes in our sofas for covering the Velcro before washing the covers.