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How can I keep my sofa in perfect condition?

Sofas are used every day, like clothes, and therefore they get worn with time and use.

All our models are designed with the aim of assuring that they will keep in perfect conditions with time and use.

Apart from the construction of the sofa (not to deform with use) it is very important to treat the new sofa with care. Here are some tips for this purpose:

 - Plump the back and arm cushions up regularly. If the back cushions are zipped to the base of the sofa, we recommend you to remove the cushions for plumping them up.

 - If you notice that the seat cushions are sliding forward in the sofas we recommend you to fix them back in their original position. This will avoid deformation on the front of the seats.

Apart from these tips, in the following questions we give other recommendations that will help you keep your sofa in good conditions (cleaning instructions, advices on how to move the sofa, etc.)