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Do you want to buy a new sofa? Where to start?

Vas a comprar un sofa
We all have a friend or neighbour who has bought a Chaisse Longue, maybe with extending seats, with very high backs, and perhaps you are thinking of buying something similar. Maybe you have also acted or have seen someone acting the following way:  in a furniture store, trying a sofa sitting in an upright position to check its comfort,  leaning back and hitting the headrest with your head a few times to make sure that it supports the head completely. However, probably if we asked you how you usually sit, you would almost certainly say, "I usually lie down on the sofa."

You may also have thought: "these days I’m buying a lot of things on the internet, I will buy the sofas on the internet too, I'm sure I can save a lot of money ...”

At this stage we would tell you that it is not the same purchasing clothes as buying a sofa; probably you know someone who has bought a sofa on the internet and upon arrival, it was not as he thought. A sofa is an item that lasts for a long time, it has a significant economic value, and therefore we think that it is worth getting good advices to avoid making a mistake: most times, buying cheap turns out expensive.

So we recommend you to use the internet to get as much information as possible, not only from manufacturers and sellers, but also from forums and expert opinions. You should be able  to distinguish between opinions of an expert and the most usual, which are interested opinions from companies, those who transfer you to their brand when you ask for any particular brand.
When you have obtained the necessary information, choose the store which best suits you and visit them to let them know your needs. If you are looked after by a professional salesperson (we prefer to call them advisors), you will find out that there are many more options than you would have imagined.

We recommend you  to never make quick decisions, it is important that you meditate well the final choice, not being in front of the seller who is pressing you with the special offer which ends up at the end of the day.
The most important thing is that you get the most out of it, there are many good times that you can spend at home enjoying your sofa; but if you make a mistake when choosing the sofa, either due to comfort, design or quality, you will have many bad times and dislikes.


Vas a comprar un sofa Vas a comprar un sofa 1 Vas a comprar un sofa 10 Vas a comprar un sofa 12 Vas a comprar un sofa 2 Vas a comprar un sofa 8 Vas a comprar un sofa 11 Vas a comprar un sofa 4 Vas a comprar un sofa 5 Vas a comprar un sofa 7 Vas a comprar un sofa 9 Vas a comprar un sofa 13 Vas a comprar un sofa 3 Vas a comprar un sofa 1-1


sonal mishra

Great share indeed, the content seems really interesting.Thanks for sharing the post.



I require a 5 seater sofa plus two puffies. Something that is not bulky and fits in a small space. It should be comfortable as well. It would be nice if you could send me some options with the price.






I have seen one of your sofas on Instagram and it looks perfect. We are in the UK - do you have any stockists here?



Great share... Really interesting post.



Hi I am looking for a 4 seater preferably with an attached chaise Longue or curved end, modern and sleek. My place is small so the maximum size will be length 300cm x chaise Longue length 150cm Please give me some suggestions and prices. Thanks


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Vas a comprar un sofa
Vas a comprar un sofa 1
Vas a comprar un sofa 10
Vas a comprar un sofa 12
Vas a comprar un sofa 2
Vas a comprar un sofa 8
Vas a comprar un sofa 11
Vas a comprar un sofa 4
Vas a comprar un sofa 5
Vas a comprar un sofa 7
Vas a comprar un sofa 9
Vas a comprar un sofa 13
Vas a comprar un sofa 3
Vas a comprar un sofa 1-1