Corporate Social Responsibility

A few years ago we heard about something called “Corporate Social Responsibility”; Probably many of you have heard about it, but some others may have not.

The origin was probably the complaint of many ONGs to large multinationals that manufactured their products without any scruples, under inhuman conditions. 

These complaints pushed these large companies to ensure that all their business related products were manufactured under right conditions. 

The development of these aspects demonstrated that if a company wanted to have good reputation, it could not only aim to manufacture their products and earn money. In their hands they had the possibility of making the world a little bit better.

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility raised from these aspects. A modern company could not only stick to produce and earn money, but it must also contribute to make the world a better place. 

Therefore, even though Fama is a small company, we consider ourselves responsible and we think that we can contribute with our little support to improve many aspects or our world.

We carried out a study to analyse the impact of our business action outside the strictly commercial area, and we found the various aspects in which we could contribute.

From the commitment to the environment (more than 92% of our waste is recycled), the support to sport and culture (we collaborate with the local theatre and also sponsor a child basketball team), the rejection of the use of raw materials or works under inhuman conditions, or simply creating stable and quality jobs.   

We created a list of 10 Basic Principles to which we commit. They are something intrinsic to the basis of our company. For us it is really nice to associate words like culture, sport, environment, honesty and happiness to the world of business

1 Environment Contribute to the conservation of nature, adapting all manufacturing processes to minimise as much as possible the impact on the Environment.
2 Culture and Sport Support the most important aspects of society such as Culture and Sport.
3 Learning Continuous staff training in the company, considering training as fundamental to achieve the company objectives.
4 Local Economy
Help boost the economic status of the area creating stable jobs.
5 Occupational Health
Take care of all aspects related to the health of our employees, by creating decent and safe jobs in a friendly atmosphere.
6 Equality
Value people in an equitable manner over their conditions of sex, nationality, age or condition.
7 Honesty
Avoid the use of raw materials, products and services created under inhuman working conditions.
8 Knowledge transfer
Collaborate with public and private agencies providing knowledge about improvements generated in our daily activities.
9 Product Create quality products designed to be enjoyed, always complying with the legal requirements of each country.
10 Happiness
Try to contribute to the happiness of all people directly affected by our business: Employees, Suppliers, Retailers and final Customers.



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