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The powerlift system (lifting chairs), apart from the reclining action, it also raises the seat to leave the person almost standing. As we age, this type of armchair makes a big difference in quality of life for the users who still have independence; in later years when mobility becomes more of a challenge, this type of chair becomes essential to have a good quality of life for both the older person and for the people who help or care.

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Bernadette de LA ROCHELLE
Tommy de Liverpool
Laura de Helmshore
Petri de La Zarza
Françoise de Lully
William de Yecla
Sonia de La Ñora
Arturo de Pamplona
Francisco Javier de Burgos
Bernadette de LA ROCHELLE



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You look at it wherever you look, you will like it, don't stop turning it, all sides are beautiful

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