Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Taking care of all aspects related to the health of our employees, by creating decent and safe jobs in a friendly atmosphere.

We invest significant time and resources in searching, trying and deciding which  personal protective equipment (EPIS), and which appropriate work clothes are necessary for each job. Of course we involve the worker in the final decision making, so his commitment with the company and the accidents prevention becomes complete.

All these measures of reconciliation, stability, security and continuous improvement has provided us with a very interesting fact that shows up in the statistics: Our absenteeism rate is far below the national average. And we have half the industry average of injuries in work.


We use made to measure earplugs for every worker, which attenuate harmful noises and enable conversational frequencies effectively, thus optimising communication in the more noisy sections.


We use water-based glues in 100% of processes. This glue is nontoxic, and the catalyst for drying is citric acid. It is a more expensive product with less efficiency, but for us the most important thing is looking after our workers health not using toxic products as cyclohexane.

The water-based glue and the improved suction booths make the job of gluing far clean and safe.


Safety shoes to protect our workers from injuries caused by possible accidents.


We make special anti-impact glasses for every worker using lenses, with their respective graduations.


We use safety harnesses for any loading or unloading carried out in the high level sections of our company.


All blades used are then deposited in containers, preventing them from being scattered throughout the workspace to prevent possible accidents.