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Visit of the Representative for the Ministry of Industry in Murcia


The Representative for the Ministry of Industry in Murcia came to visit Fama Sofas on Monday 06th July. Ana Martínez Vidal visited a few businesses in Yecla in order to find out more about the current situation in the Furniture industry in situ as well as recognising the work of manufacturing hygienic face masks. Félix López Gil on behalf of Fama sofas hosted the hot summer morning. The Minister was accompanied by Marcos Ortuño the Mayor of Yecla, Diego Rodríguez-Linares executive director at the Institute of Development (Info), Jose Antonio Ortega manager at AREMA, and Patricia Cuadrillero general secretary at AREMA. The media was also in our facilities, collecting the visitors’ and Felix’s perceptions.

After visiting the Fama facilities, our production plant and our Fama office, they were able to acquaint our production process as well as the manufacturing of hygienic face masks. There was an exchange of impressions, perceptions and suggestions. The aim of this visit was to form a stronger industry which can respond rapidly to unexpected situations such as the Covid-19.

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