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“Una mañana cualquiera” (Just another morning) has been the winning picture for the 21st photo contest.

The 21st edition of our photography contest “Fama, sofas to enjoy at home” has finished.  On this occasion, we received pictures from more than 160 participants who have sent their pictures from different countries such as France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Canada, Lithuania, United States of America and Spain.  

The winning picture was “Una mañana cualquiera” (Just another morning)”, while the rest of finalist pictures were “Siéntate como quieras”, “Notre canapé Arianne”, “Morada a dormir”, “Es para la vida”. In the winning picture we can see a Pacific Sofa which can represent a daily image in the day to day of many homes.  

Among all the people who have voted for their favourite picture, 5 blankets have been raffled off to Carlos Cervera, Ana Arnaiz, Rubén, Olga Franco y Raquel Esclapez.  

Thank you very much to all the participants of this edition. We will soon be launching the 22nd Photo Contest "Fama, sofas to enjoy at home".

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