The winner of the 13th Fama Photo Contest has been awarded with a Lenny chair.

The Lenny chair for the photo that won the 13th Photo Contest ‘Fama, sofas to enjoy at home’ was delivered a few days ago.   ‘This is the story of a heart…’ is the image that won the last edition of our photo contest. A contest that has already been established and keeps growing edition by edition with a considerable increase of contestants. The photo presented by Andrea depicts a colourful and eye-catching Arianne Love composition.   The delivery took place at the premises of Famaliving Burgos as it is the store where the sofa of the winning photo had been purchased. Isabel, one of the sales assistants at Famaliving Burgos handed the Lenny chair to the winner of the photo contest, as this was the award that she had chosen.  

A Lenny chair upholstered in Mystic and TicTack fabrics which will provide great comfort and colour to Andrea’s living room and joins the Arianne Love that she was already enjoying at home.  

Congratulations Andrea for your new chair!

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