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The new Brand “Famaliving” has arrived to USA.

Last 2nd September was the opening of the first two new Famaliving stores in USA, one in New York and the other one in New Jersey. 

Famaliving is a new concept of store dedicated exclusively to Fama products. 

Fama is one of the most prestigious European upholstery manufacturers; their production is made 100% in Spain and their products can be found in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Discover a new way of shopping furniture, they will make you feel at home. 

With their new fabrics simulator, you will be able to see how your sofa will look while you are having a nice coffee and your kids enjoy coloring in the Kid’s Corner specially created for them.

Visit the new Famaliving stores and enjoy the Fama experience, … you will love it!

To learn more visit www.famaliving.com

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