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Spain Brand Honorary Ambassadors

Last 14th March we had the privilege of attending the ceremony of appointment of the Spain Brand Honorary Ambassadors. It is a biennial event organized by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, to which we belong, in collaboration with the High Brand Commission of Spain and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With the presence of SSMM Felipe and Letizia, the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, Mr. Iñigo Mendez de Vigo and numerous personalities of politics, culture, science and sport, the awards were presented to the VII Ambassadors promotion.

Representing all of them, the new ambassador in the category of Culture and Art, dancer Sara Baras, thrilled with her speech to the audience of the Auditorium of the Reina Sofia Museum. An excited Sara Baras emphasized that "we should be proud of a wonderful country, recognized and respected around the world." "In Spain there are many things to improve but we must also trust ourselves, be ambitious and take risks, what counts for each of us individually also applies to all as a society."

For us, as members of the Forum, it is a luxury to be able to share these experiences and, above all, knowledge of the best brands and companies of the country.

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