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"Read & Sleep" has been the winning photo of the 23rd Fama Photo Contest.

We already have the winning image of the 23rd Photo Contest "Fama, sofas to enjoy at home". This has been the most popular edition of our Photo Contest so far with 319 pictures received from several countries such as Andorra, Belgium, Spain, France, Holland, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, Romania and Russia.

The winning image of the 23rd photo contest is "Read & Sleep" where we can see an Avalon recliner sofa that serves as a reading corner and relax area for the pet of the house. The second most voted image has been "A lazy day on My Cuore", which depicts a "Mycuore" sofa in a charming corner. The third finalist has been "En famille sur les fama", where we can see a family image with an Arianne Love sofa and a Moon recliner chair. The rest of finalists have been “Mientras la bruja duerme, ellos hacen fechorías“ and “El Fama de Mafalda”.

The prize for the winner is a Lenny armchair in any of the fabrics from our range, while the 2nd and 3rd finishers will receive an armchair from our catalogue (A stock chair). We are also raffling five Fama blankets among all the people who voted for their favourite picture and the winners are: Xavi Reixach, Mercè Sagué, Susana, Ingrid Guerrero and Verónica Ausina. In addition, all participants have been sent a Fama blanket just for participating in our contest by sending an image of one or more members of the family enjoying their Fama sofa.

We will be soon launching the 24th Photo Contest “Fama, sofas to enjoy at home”.

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