New armchair beds collection

Fama presents the new armchair beds collection “You&me Dreams”.

After the success of our You&Me typology, we considered what other needs we could cover with this type of armchairs of large dimensions. With this in mind, we included a bed mechanism inside some of these wide armchairs; this way, from now on, the armchair of your dreams can be turned into a bed.

As a result, we also provide solutions to many homes in which there is no room for a sofa bed. The best feature of this collection is that none of these models look like an armchair bed, neither visually nor when used, since we have achieved the perfect symbiosis between design, comfort and functionality.

The You&Me Dreams collection is formed by Bolero, Mario, Gala, Dali and Helsinki. A range of designs that have been created to cover different custome tastes and needs.

The armchair mattress is 13cm thick, 195cm long, 80cm width. The width could vary depending on the type of the armchair arm.  These measurements could go from 142cm (Bolero) to 107cm (Designs with no arms).

A collection of armchair beds which is added to our sofa bed collection found in the catalogue such as Indy, Dalí, Gala, Bolero and Avalon.

Armchair beds collection

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