"Monde Collection"

The time has come at last to present our new collection of sofas and fabrics, Monde Collection. After another year of hard work, a team of more than 40 people from Fama Sofas have designed and created new models of sofas, armchairs, accessories and exclusive fabrics that aim to achieve many goals, but that are mainly intended to try and surprise positively our distributors and clients. Although the bar is set really high, we are sure that we will do it again this year. We managed to create a fantastic collection of new exclusive fabrics, including two special editions: Wander Edition and La Ligne 29 Edition, two outstanding collections of exclusive fabrics created for Fama.

Wander Edition is a collection designed by the genius J.M. Azorín (Cocotte Minute, 27P8 Studio). An internationally well-known graphic designer. The designs of this special edition are inspired by memories of his trips around the world, merging in a proficient way memories, tickets, maps and leaflets of different metropolises from all around the world. Hence the name of the collection: Wander. The result is powerful, impressive, but with a charm that catches you as if you were wandering around London, Rome, Paris or New York...

La Ligne 29 Edition is a collection that will not leave anyone indifferent, born from the imagination of the artist Bénédicte Piccolillo, and inspired by the world of Tattoo, combining Renaissance paintings and industrial images to transform them and create a world of their own, oneiric, that goes beyond the limits of imagination. The result does impress, especially because of the courage of her approaches and the spectacular colour that emerges from her creations.

These two editions are complemented with new plain and exclusive patterned fabrics from the best Spanish fabric manufacturers, created hand in hand with the Fama design team. And to complete the collection, we present the new models of sofas and armchairs designed by Fama: LuciPop, Dalí&Gala, Helga, Marlon, Denzel, Burt and Humphrey.

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