“Les doigts de pied en éventail dans notre Fama“ has been the winning photo of our 17th Photo Contest “Fama, sofas to enjoy at home”.

This has been the most popular edition of our Photo Contest so far with 240 pictures received from several countries such as: Spain, United Kingdom, France, United Arab Emirates, Andorra, Holland, Ireland, Switzerland, Mexico and Romania. Every contestant will be sent a Fama blanket as a gift for participating.  

The five most voted photos which will be awarded with a Famalover Kit are: “Les doigts de pied en éventail dans notre Fama“, “Salon”, “Compartint emocions”, “Felicidad en un sofá” and “1 minuto de relax”.  

We are giving away five Fama blankets among all the people who voted for their favourite picture and the winners are: Alicia Hurtado, Ana Villar, Manel, Teresa Sancho y Jessica.  

We will be soon launching the 18th Photo Contest “Fama, sofas to enjoy at home”.


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