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Corporative Social Responsability

First trophy "Club de Natación Yecla / Fama Sofás".

Last Saturday, July the 7th, the first competition "Club de Natación Yecla / Fama Sofás" was held with an important participation of young athletes. Fama collaborated with the Yecla Swimming Club in the sponsorship of this first Trophy where we could see a very special podium composed by the Arianne Garden outdoor sofa.

All the races took place with a nice summer weather that favoured enjoying a great morning of swimming. Many swimming clubs throughout the region of Murcia and from different cities around Yecla moved to "Los Rosales" swimming pool.

During the day, tickets were sold for the raffle of a Fama Christie chair, whose benefit was donated entirely to the Red Cross of Yecla.

Fama continues to maintain its commitment to the sport in Yecla, contributing to encourage sports among the little ones.

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