FamaHOME Magazine Presentation

The idea of launching an annual magazine came up all of a sudden; I recall Felix was in Italy when he told me about the possibility of designing a fun and dynamic magazine that would be entertaining for the reader as well as giving a lot of information about our company, product and design, while transmitting our most important values: philosophy and happiness.  

Hundreds of ideas begun to arise as soon as we started working on it, the very first day I thought of the name, which started being famaDECO and eventually turned into famaHOME, then I couldn’t stop thinking about ideas for articles. During the creative process, we found out that we had some very good amateur writers in the company. We have described our daily experiences and personal thoughts with short stories.  I must admit that I have been a bit of a pain asking my colleagues for help with the texts, ideas to share, translations… to finally get an amazing result, so there is a little bit of all of us in famaHOME.  

We have put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into this magazine, personally, I had never enjoyed any other job as much as I have enjoyed this one. “Proud of famaHOME” would be the sentence that best defines this project and “true Fama lovers” for the people that were born from it.  

I hope you will enjoy it!

Mari Martínez.

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