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Fama Sofas, winner of the 4.0 Industry National Award.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has created the 4.0 Industry National Award. The purpose of this is to recognize the efforts and the merit made by Spanish Industrial companies on the industrial digitalization fields.

Fama Sofas has been awarded with this important distinction on the PYME category on this very first award edition. In addition Iveco has been awarded on the “Gran Empresa” category. The award ceremony took place on the Third 4.0 Industry Conference, which was held at the IFEMA Conference Centre in Madrid.

Félix López Gil received the award on Fama Sofas’ behalf. The award was given by Reyes Maroto, who is the Spanish minister of industry, commerce and tourism.

This distinction rewards Fama Sofas’ history that has been linked to a continuous innovation and improvement of the company during years. The 4.0 industry has been entirely introduced on the manufacturing process in our company. 

Félix López had the opportunity to address a few words to all those who attended to the IFEMA Conference Centre, where he thanked for the award that Fama has received, as well as that he mentioned how important this distinction is for a sector which can be perceived as traditional and very little technological. However, the fact of becoming more technological has been crucial for our company in order to avoid the crisis that this sector suffered over the last years. In addition, Félix pointed out that people are always far more important than technology.  

Fama Sofa is now a clear example of 4.0 industry. It is a model for other European companies on how digitalization has contributed to create a very competitive company which is capable of manufacturing 500 customized sofas with a very limited time given every day and delivering the goods in more the 60 countries and 5 continents.

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