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FAMA Protect: New protective Gown and new colours available.


We have applied our company philosophy and our experience in the world of sofas to our new division FAMA Protect in order to offer protective equipment which has been designed to cover the needs of this new era. 

We are focussing on designing protective products which are washable and reusable, since we highly believe that it is our responsibility to change the old fashion “use once and throw away” standards in this sector. Not only will this help us save money, but also will be highly beneficial for our planet. 

Our new protective clothes are now available. Gowns and aprons which are made with 50 gr TST material and 105gr waterproof material. They are available in different colours (Not just white or black, we also have brighter colours available). In addition, we have different designs available.  Our protective equipment is designed for clinics, hairdressers, shops or any other businesses which may need this type of products.

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