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Fama presents its new, fresh and innovative concept of chair.

Mili & Lalo are the new Fama chairs from the Arianne collection.
Their flexible backrest fits perfectly in the back providing an incredible comfort. They can be used both as dining chairs or as accessory seats next to the sofa, so they are the ideal piece of furniture for a house with many visits.  

The difference between the two chairs is the shape of the seat. Mili has a more daring form and Lalo a more conventional curve. Mili & Lalo can be made with more than 1000 different fabrics and in more than 100 lively leather colours. Forget about the conventional and boring chairs and dare to try Mili & Lalo; they are bright, light, long-lasting and, over all, comfortable.  

The new chairs are also environmentally friendly: they are sent disassembled, taking just 0.10 m³ per chair. Their packaging box has been nicely designed to be re-used as a storage box.  The seat is not an upholstered board, it is constructed like a small sofa.

The chairs have passed all the required tests for level B2 of intensive use for hotels and zones of intensive use.  

Mili & Lalo, the new Fama chairs which have come to stay. 

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