Fama obtains the Zero Waste Certificate


Fama has just obtained the “Zero Waste” certification from AENOR. This certification guarantees that more than 90% of a company's industrial waste is recovered. This means that this waste does not end up in a landfill, but it has a second useful life, either reusing it, creating new raw materials or crushing it to get solid fuel.

This is a very important certification for Fama, since the 99.985% of the waste generated during the last 8 months has been given a second useful life and has been prevented from going to a landfill.

Since we obtained the ISO14001 certification of environmental management 4 years ago, in Fama we have been committed to reducing the amount of industrial waste that went to landfills. In Fama, caring about the environment and reducing waste has been something that has been in our DNA for decades, but efforts have been intensified in the last ten years. In the last few years, we have had to change some of our production processes (although it caused complications in our daily life) in order to be able to obtain this waste reuse data.

One of the most important challenges has been the management of the waste generated in the fabric cutting machines, since previously these machines generated industrial waste, and now, with the changes made, the waste has been segregated so that it does not end up in any landfill. Thanks to this new project it has been possible to obtain the certificate and achieve these incredible figures. A project that has not gone unnoticed and for which Fama has been selected among the "101 Business Examples of actions #PorElClima (climate actions)". This recognition serves as an incentive to continue working on reducing the impact on the environment, thanks to the performance of small actions.

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