Fama at the Cervantes Theatre in London

Around two months ago we had the opportunity to collaborate in a cultural project that we instantly considered very interesting and praiseworthy.

The Spanish actor Jorge de Juan (Murcia) and his company, the Spanish Theatre Company, had recently launched the Cervantes Theatre London, in the Southwark area, close to some of the most important theatres such as Shakespeare's Globe, Old Vic and the National Theatre among others. In this theatre, plays and dramatic readings from Spanish authors are performed both in Spanish and in English, with actors from different nationalities.

One of its essential purposes is exporting the Spain brand in its cultural aspect, thus spreading part of the wide range of great Spanish works and authors who are still unknown outside our borders.
Being a charity, they needed as much help as possible to complete this space, so they contacted several companies in the region of Murcia for support.
In Fama we wanted to join the project by providing them with furniture for the reception area and the Café, where, apart from enjoying breaks between acts, some plays or scenes will also be performed.

This way, people who visit the Cervantes Theatre London will have the opportunity to enjoy a cozy evening in the Astoria sofas, in the Komba or Kylian armchairs, or in the Mili, Lalo and Fred chairs.
Congratulations to Cervantes Theatre company, who have proven to be great ambassadors of the Spanish culture, and have created a welcoming space with an eclectic touch that makes it unrepeatable.
Here you can see some of the photos of the Fama sofas in their "more theatrical" atmosphere.
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