Expansion at Fama premises.

After our Christmas holiday, we managed to open our new facilities including the canteen, toilets, changing rooms and additional rooms. A new canteen for the whole Fama staff which as all the necessary facilities for ease of use.  

We could not choose better dining chairs for such a large contract project like this so we produced 150 ’Mili & Lalo’ chairs with modular tables that can be adapted to suit all needs. The new toilets and changing rooms are much bigger than the previous ones and are in accordance with the current number of employees. The Fama staff has been growing year by year and it was therefore necessary to expand and improve our infrastructure.  

In total, we have expanded our premises in 5200 m2 for production, more than 800 m2 of new offices, showroom, nursery & kindergarten, 600 m2 dedicated to canteen, toilets, changing rooms and several additional facilities.

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