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“Esta es la historia de un corazón...” has been the winning photo of our 13th Photo Contest “Fama, sofas to enjoy at home”.

Among 111 contestants, the five most voted photos have been: Gran Concierto en el mejor escenario, Bienvenu à la maison, Fama!, Kids playing on the Arianne outdoor sofá, Relaxing on the boat, Todos a gusto en el sofá Fama.  

We are drawing five Fama blankets among all those who have voted for their favorite photo. The winners are: Antònia Sastre, Nacho Ruiz, Clotilde Louboutin, Lourdes Moreno and Sonia Espín.  

Thank you very much to everyone for participating and voting in our photo contest.  

We will be soon running the 14th Photo Contest: “Fama, sofas to enjoy at home”.

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