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“A Quiet Afternoon” Winner of the 25th photography contest.

On our 25th photography contest edition, we received a total of 209 photographs. These images came from different countries such as Germany, Andorra, Australia, Belgium , Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands or the United Kingdom.

Among  the 5 most voted photographs, the judge has decided that the winning image is “A Quiet Afternoon”, where we can see some children enjoying the comfort of an Astoria sofa and the Astoria armchair. The second classified image is  “ When Dreams Come True”, where a Lucip Pop modular combination is seen as the perfect place to enjoy reading. “Heaven on Earth with Fama” is the third classified image, where we can appreciate the comfort of the Mynest armchair. The rest of the images selected for this contest are “Sunday morning on the new sofa” and “Jan-Aslak”.

The winning photo will receive a Lenny chair or a TV as a prize, while the 2nd and 3rd classified images will be awarded with a stock chair.

The 5 blankets raffled among the people who voted in the contest go for Sonia Saura, Lorena Miranda, Juan Porcel, Christopher Pivet and Carla Benitez.

Soon we will lunch our 26th photography contest edition.  

Thank you very much to the people who took part in this contest, and the people who voted.

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