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MyCuore is a special piece ideal for small apartments. It was born as an evolution of model MyApple with more compact measures, based on the idea of a You&Me to share times in couple. The result is a spectacular piece, the perfect place for that people who don`t settle for the usual.




With its loose back cushions and scatters we can find multiple positions to enjoy the greatest comfort in every moment. In addition, the backrest supports can be easily removed, turning our sofa into an attractive chaisse longue in the blink of an eye. Moreover, thanks to its optional swivel system we can orient it to any part of the room.


Customer Photos

Jeffrey de De Meern
Beatriz de Los villares
Frédérique de Dunkerque
Veronica de TARACENA
Chelo de Valencia
Wilson l de Larbert
Jose Antonio de Pilar de la Horadada
Irene de Sabadell
Renaud de PAU

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You look at it wherever you look, you will like it, don't stop turning it, all sides are beautiful

2D Simulation

Todos nuestros sofás son fabricados a medida para cada cliente. Puedes elegir entre las más de 1000 tapicerías exclusivas de nuestro catálogo, así como crear la modulación que más se adapte a las medidas y necesidades de tu salón.

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