"Todos Contentos” (“All happy"), winning image of the 24th edition.

The 24th photo contest "Fama, sofas to enjoy at home" has been completed with a total of 277 images received.

This edition has been one of the most international, with images received from Spain, France, Belgium, USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Finland, Andorra, Lithuania, Germany, Malta or Canada.

Among the five most voted photos, the jury has determined that the winning image is "Todos contentos" (“All happy”), where a Manacor sofa is seen as the perfect place for reading and for the enjoyment of the pets. The second classified was "Disfrutando los momentos” (“Enjoying the moments"), with a Moonrise XL armchair and a Pacific sofa in the picture. “Súper familia, súper sofá!” ("Super family, super sofa!") has been the third classified, showing Arianne Love used by the children. The rest of the finalists were "Hhsd famille" with an Arianne Garden composition next to the swimming pool, and “Descanso con Fama” ("Rest with Fama"), where an Arianne Love composition is seen next to a Moonrise chair.

The winning photo will receive a Lenny chair or a TV as a prize, while the 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded with a stock chair.

Soon we will launch a very special edition, since it will be number 25 of our photo contest "Fama, sofas to enjoy at home", a contest that has had uninterrupted editions since it started back in 2010.