How the TV campaign “A sofa is not just a place to sit on” was developed.

The starting point was the phrase with which we define the importance of the sofa at home: "Some people think that a sofa is just a place to sit on, and a sofa is not only that ... It is the place where you were kissed for the first time, where you play with your children, it is where you watch movies with your partner, the place where you get away from the world…”.

To decide the type of images that we would use in the spot, we looked for inspiration in the images we receive daily in our photo contest "Fama, sofas to enjoy at home", where we see a great variety of families enjoying their Fama sofa in different home types.
The initial idea was “telling” the phrase through images and showing some parallel stories, but after various tests we decided to ask a question and the images themselves would be the answer. With this in mind we decided to record several situations with the Fama staff and their families enjoying their own sofas at home. Many independent stories were filmed and from there we would take the scenes to answer the question: A sofa… just a place to sit on? 
We started the recording and we found out how quickly our actors and actresses felt comfortable sitting and relaxing on their sofas. During the filming days we had many situations to remember, such as the story of Sergio and Maricarmen which become reality a few days later, when they announced that they were expecting a baby. With Marina and Antonio their complicity was evident in each scene, and it was very easy to shoot the images. Then we had a quieter take of the MyNest armchair where Cristina was enjoying her favourite music. With Adolfo and his family on Arianne Love there were lots of games and laughter among the whole family. With the pregnant woman we took it to the limit, since it was only 2 days left for Miriam to give birth to her little one. At Maruja and Pascual's home, we first had to become friends with the dog so we could film with total tranquility. When we filmed the scenes in the house with friends, our improvised actors had a lot of fun. And finally we closed the recording of the stories with Encarna at her attic, the place where she practices her hobbies, and she delighted us painting a watercolour drawing.
Then came the edition process, and for that we looked for a song that would give rhythm to the spot. The music was very important because the spot would only have voice at the beginning and at the end, so the music would have a prominent role during the spot. We did some tests with three different songs, and finally, after a deep analysis and several deliberations, we decided for the song "Dreaming about you" from the group Freedonia, who had already played in Yecla in the Concha Segura theater during the Yecla Jazz Festival 2014.
The music and the images merged perfectly during the 20 seconds of our spot “A sofa is more than just a place to sit on".