The living room has died

The day when the living room died

Don’t be afraid, perhaps the headline seems a bit too strong; the complete sentence should read “The living room, as we used to know it, has died.”

We mean the same as if we had written: “The day when the bathtub died”, because the bathtub is actually not dead, but the truth is that a few years ago the customs in most homes around the world changed, and where normally bathtubs were installed people began to settleshower plates.

Using this analogy, we explain the changes that are currently occurring and how we think that the future in our homes will be drawing in the coming years.

It is a common practice to use 65% of the living room space for sofas and 35% for the dining table and four or six dining chairs. However, in most homes this dining table is rarely used, only two or three times a year (in a special family dinner or any other exceptional event). If this is your case, keep reading, you may find our proposal interesting.

With this in mind we decided to create a new concept of living room, where the chairs could be used usually, not only in these exceptional cases. (Eg. using them when we have visits at home, instead of using the uncomfortable footstools that we normally use in these cases).

Then, our aim was to try to design chairs that would be as comfortable for having lunch on the table, as for watching TV or chatting ...

Once we created the chairs, the next idea was to create a table that could be used every day with the sofa, but that could also be turned into a large dining table in a simple way, for those exceptional dinners.

After many months of work we can finally say that we did it: we have created a collection of tables that can meet both requirements perfectly.

The result is spectacular; you can see it in the example attached which shows how a small standard room can change from the conventional way of distribution, to this new idea that we propose. The living room, as we used to know it, has died... Welcome to innovation, enjoy your home!