The new mascots family from Fama

At Fama we are proud to recycle a very high percentage of the waste we generate. One of the most recent investments was replacing the diesel fuel heaters with new pellet heaters which work with the waste wood we generate during the production of our sofas.

We also separate many other materials to be recycled. For example, we used to recycle the waste of fibre used for cushions fillings. We sold it for the manufacture of teddy bears.

Since we noticed how this fact captured our customer’s attention, we thought about the possibility of creating our own "teddy bears". This way, in addition to reusing the fillings, we could also use the fabrics waste.
With this in mind, we had another idea to start a new project: we would create our own mascot. When we started analysing how to market it, we thought that we could sell it with charity purposes, and the income would go to some associations in need.

Once the project was approved, we needed to design the mascot. Then, in the right moment Mikel Costa appeared in Fama. He is Head of Design of Imaginanet (our website provider), and he is also photographer, painter, and a multifaceted artist. When we explained the project to him, he was enthusiastic about the idea: "It would be great to try to transmit all Fama values”.

He began to work on this idea- with the invaluable collaboration of his 6-year-old daughter Goya. Soon he said to us: "I think that just one single mascot cannot transmit the great amount of Fama values, I think we need a family".  And he introduced his 4 mascots: FamOsa, FamFam, FamGogh and FamTwit.

We loved their design from the very beginning; we moved from the 2D pictures to the 3D prototypes using remains of different fabrics. The design process was exciting, and now at last, we are almost ready to launch them.

We talked to Ampy (association of mentally handicapped people from Yecla) about it, and they thought it was a great idea. We decided that the full amount of the selling price will go to charities and social purposes. The production costs will be our contribution.

As an anecdote we will say that we did the final approval tests with the children from our FamaPekes (our kinder garden), and the result was totally positive, it was hard to get the mascots back! Then, we created all the didactic material and notebooks based on these stuffed animals, and the children are already using it.

Finally, we hope that people like them as we do, and we will be happy if only we can get a positive smile with this article, and if we can manage to relieve the heavy burden supported by associations as Ampy. It will have been worth it.
We introduce our 4 mascots:

The female bear that wants to be famous, she is a curious and cheerful girl, she values effort and lives life with passion. She would like to be an actress, poetess or singer.

A funny bird, he is the hardest worker and the most responsible of all these little animals (although he sometimes talks too much…). He looks after his friends, and keeps the balance when the others are messing around.

The inventor monkey; he is a little bit teaser, and he loves technology, computers, robots and everything related to spaceships. He invents funny gadgets to play with his friends. He likes the machines used to produce the sofas, and enjoys inventing new machines.

The artist little rabbit; he is a painter and designer. He only has one ear. He is the most creative, he has his own view of the world. Bohemian and dreamer, he likes putting colour to everything. And he loves nature.

We hope you like them as much as we do…
We will inform you shortly about how to purchase them.