Manufacturing: Made in Spain program; Making of in Fama

A few weeks ago, we received the visit of the filming team from the TV program Manufacturing: Made in Spain (Alba, Santi, Juanan and Pablo), and during 2 days they learned and recorded the details of the manufacture of a sofa.

Manufacturing: Made in Spain program; Making of in Fama

We manufactured our model Calisto in real time while they recorded the complete production process.

Alba, with her friendly character, helped the workers to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

We passed by all sections without noticing that 2 days had passed by. Time runs very fast when there are so many manufacturing processes and such a variety of filming planes.   

We had to think on a nice visual entry for the program that would serve as a link for making the sofa, and we thought it might be shocking to see Alba sitting on the top of a foam block. The idea seemed good but we had to take extra security measures. At this point it was Alba who was nervous because she did not trust the stability of the block. But it was worth it, as the introduction looked great at the end.  

Manufacturing: Made in Spain program; Making of in Fama

Alba enjoyed herself as a child writing her name with glue on a sofa. Paul had everything under control.  Santi did not miss a filming plane even if he had to allow his camera to be painted with glue, and Juanan took everything in detail with his "Go- Pro" camera getting spectacular images.

Once the filming was finished we had to take us a family photo with the team, and what a better place to do it than on the outside of our facilities sitting on the sofa manufactured during these two days!

 In Fama we are proud that our sofas are labelled Made in Spain throughout the world; now we are even prouder having done our bit for the program Manufacturing: Made in Spain, showing how a sofa is made in Yecla.