The most untruthful poster at Isaloni.

Year after year I see this poster before entering the premises of the Milano fair "Vietatto Fotografare"(Photos not permitted), and the same thought does always come to me: “ I don’t understand why they still put this poster". In the most recent years, coinciding with the boom of mobile phones with integrated cameras, it is a common image during fair days to see people taking photographs of the stands and products exhibited by different manufacturers. Many of the photographs are made by press reporters covering Isaloni,  and by customers who take pictures of the products to remember what they ordered, or to publish on their social networks their time at Isaloni. The main difference between Milan and other international fairs is the number of people who come to the fair with the sole mission of having the whole fair photographed in their cameras or smartphones, and do not hesitate to try to get an image with the maximum detail: legs, mechanisms, fabrics, sofa construction ...  these are some of the usual snapshots during fair days. Most exhibitors publish in their social networks or websites the images of all the products exhibited at the different fairs, along with detailed information about them; that’s why such "obsession" for taking pictures of EVERYTHING exhibited in Milan, continues to surprise me year after year .

And this post would not be the same without including some of the images I have taken of the  "photographers" who passed by our stand. I ask my apologies in advance if any customer is reflected in these photographs.