A sofa is not only a piece of art

Many customers want to know who design Fama sofas and armchairs. For over 30 years, our design team “LaSiesta Design” led by Felix Lopez Gil has created designs of sofas and armchairs with a “special touch”.

They are designs with the Fama essence, designs that have a common feature: they have been created to enjoy at home.

LaSiesta Design is a multifaceted team formed by Juan Martinez, Miguel Torres, Pepa Disla, Fernando Lopez, and supported by Kique Santa, Raul Martinez, Manuel Catalan y Mari Carmen Martinez.

Not happy with just meeting the customers’ needs and demands, this team in many cases seek new solutions that the users could not have even imagined.

Designers of innovative and original sofas such as the Moon recliner, the Mynest cuddle chair, the Myapple loveseat and more recently the Myclub, this great team only invite us to wait and see the new proposals that they are able to create every year.