5 years of Famaliving in New York

It seems like yesterday, but it has been 5 years already since the first Famaliving store opened in New York. It was late August 2011 and we set sail for the United States with a suitcase full of dreams about this new store project. Those were exciting days of hard work where we arranged the set-up of the first 2 Famaliving stores in America, New York and New Jersey.

New York is much more than just Manhattan, though this popular neighbourhood attracts most eyes. Famaliving New York was located in Brooklyn, in Coney Island Avenue. It was the first Famaliving store that we opened out of Spain and we were very enthusiastic and looking forward to the success of our adventure. The set up was perfect and we could solve all the small mishaps that arose, like the painting of that door to integrate it in the store design. Michael and Tatiana were the perfect hosts and made us feel at home. They helped us adapt quickly to the New York customs, bringing some donuts at noon accompanied by a large cup of coffee which served as starter for some sandwiches with many layers.

Once we finished setting all the graphics and placing all the furniture, the shop was ready to open. Then we made our way to New Jersey and after crossing the impressive George Washington Bridge, which links New York City and New Jersey, we reached the store. This was the first shop where we placed a mosaic of the Lenny armchair, which was then installed in most Famaliving stores.

After setting up both stores, and since we had a late flight on the evening of the 3rd of September, we had some spare time to do a quick tour around Manhattan and after going up the Empire State Building, we took a ‘selfie’ photo of ourselves with our camera, despite this type of photo not being as popular as it has become nowadays. After our quick visit to the Big Apple, we headed towards the airport to return to Spain on the 4th of September. We were lucky enough that the flight was ON TIME and landed in Madrid at the scheduled time, then I could eventually rest assured because I was going to be on time for the local celebrations of Moors and Christians in Villena, my local town, and was not going to miss the magic day 4th of September.