New 3D Printer

Less than a year ago we told you that the 3D printing technology had arrived to Fama to stay. Actually it came through the main gate, as it currently occupies a large area in our office. I present here the “big brother” of our first 3D printers, which also works with FFF technology (fused filament fabrication). We are talking about the largest 3D printer in Europe, with dimensions of 1800x1850x2000 cm. and a printing surface of more than 1 m3; it can be used with a multitude of materials (ABS, PLA, LAYWWOD, LAYBRIC, etc), and it has a double extruder which allows us to use different colours and materials within the same piece.

From now on we take another giant step for the design of prototypes of real size, which will provide us with a considerable potential, such as making different options of the same piece in record time with a significant cost decrease, developing parts with complex shapes and geometries, etc.
This is only the starting point as far as 3D technology is concerned, and I am sure that soon we will talk about new developments in the world of 3D.