We present our Virtual Assistant for the selection of sofas.

Over the past years, we have heard many friends and relatives complaining because they had bought the wrong sofa for their homes.
We did some research and found out that it was quite common that the customer went back to the store where he bought the sofa within the week after receiving it, to try to change it. (It was very common for a family of 5 people for example, to buy a chaise longue with seating space for just 4 people).
We also noticed that most customers, when they are at the shop buying a sofa, they try sofas sitting on them as if they were in a waiting room, but at home they actually lie down on the sofas.
We did a market research with a consultancy company and the result was devastating: the first details received were that 31% of families admitted having made a mistake in choosing the sofa (we really think that the real percentage might be higher).
The second finding was that 77% of sales were sofas with chaise longue. This would be more or less as if 77% of the cars on the market were Renault Clio or Volkswagen Polo, when we all know that there are different types of cars for each type of family, because while for some people the best option would be an 4x4, for others a familiar car, a sport car, a van, a compact car, etc.
There are many different types of sofas, armchairs and modular programs on the market, and we must know them to choose the best option for each one of us.
From there we started to develop this complex project which aimed to create a tool that could guide customers in the process of selection of sofas; with just a few simple questions, this app suggests the ideal sofa, armchair or modular group for each customer and his family.
After more than one year of hard work of analysis and programming, we can now launch our new Sofas Virtual Assistant.
An application that connects the artificial intelligence with the usability adapted to all devices and browsers. In addition to the web version, you can download an app with the mobile version in the Play Store or Apple store.
We are confident that it will serve as a guide and starting point to try not to make mistakes when choosing a new sofa, chair or modular for home.
However, it is only a tool which tries to give advice just as any of our professional distributors would. Ideally, we would recommend you to go to any of our distributors, who from your taste and preferences would give you professional advice to make sure that you don’t become part of that 31% of users who later realise that they were wrong.
We hope you enjoy it.