At Fama, the most important thing is our people

Despite being a proven fact, many companies don’t realise the importance of the people who form them.

Clearly it is very important to have the best machinery and the latest technology (which we have at Fama), but without a team of people involved in all processes companies have nothing. 

At Fama we are lucky and we are aware of it: we have a working team that cares every day about doing their job the best way possible. 

From the person who answers the phone to the people in charge of loading the sofas in the trucks for transport, everyone is responsible of doing their job at their best.

We work in such a way that everyone of us feel proud of the work carried out every day.

Later we will mention some interesting aspects about our human team, our quality control system and how we have managed to have the lowest level of absenteeism in the furniture sector in Spain or to have half the average of working leaves due to injuries than the rest of companies in our sector.