History of Fama designs (1998-2008).

It is interesting to look back and see the number of designs that are still current in the Fama catalogue. All these designs were born from the imagination of Felix Lopez Gil and put into practice thanks to the technical design team of Fama Sofas.

Since the incorporation of Felix to the design department at Fama back in the early 80's, the versions of the sofas seen in the International Fairs were replaced by brand new and different designs with their own entity.

From 1983 to 1997, many sofas and armchairs were developed, some more successful than others: Leonardo, Sissi, Paula, Odeon... No doubt it is worth remembering the Tomy armchair from those years (1992). An accessory armchair that represented a novelty at that time, when only sofas were made; people wondered what that small armchair was for. Twenty seven years later, its design is still valid and it has also become one of the most copied pieces in both the National and International markets.

Maybe, that sofa that marked a before and after was model Platon (1998). At that time it was a revolutionary design, with its seat cushion combining concave and convex shapes, and its loose back cushions that allowed every user to adapt them to their way of sitting. It was exhibited at the Valencia Furniture Fair in a red Alcantara fabric and it did not go unnoticed; complete containers were sold to many countries around the world. It marked the starting point of the export activity for Fama.

1999 was the year of La Caracola, which became an icon for the company. During a long period of time it was present in the company logo, and after 20 years, its design is still current, although its use has changed from the original telephone table to an accessory armchair nowadays.

The Oasis corner sofa was also a great revolution at the time, a modular programme formed by a large number of elements, straight and curved, that made it very versatile. We broke the mould of the existing corner sofas to date. Its curved shapes opened a new world of possibilities in home and interior design.

Lexus was another model that burst in strongly thanks to the combination of classic forms treated with a modern language. The large sofa, measuring 240 cm, was not a usual piece at the time, and as a result of this model, this measure was definitely established in the Fama catalogue.

However, the model that most people fell in love with for its design was Moon recliner. It stood out for being the first armchair with round shape that had the functions of recliner, swivel and rocking armchair. Initially it was a manual recliner, but with the passing of time and the demands from the users, the option of motorised recliner was incorporated to the catalogue and an adjustable headrest was included, leading to the new Moonrise version.

The Pauline chaise longue is a fancy piece that keeps a very modern design. Felix Lopez designed it as a unique element combining comfort and an attractive image. Its steel front wheel allows you to change the orientation of the chaise in a smooth and simple way. Sixteen years later, its design is still current as an accessory chaise longue.

In 2004 the "Dolce Vitta" was launched, a large sofa that brought a new line to the Fama catalogue. A modular sofa designed for large homes with no space limitations, with a surprising feature: the construction of the arms was completely in stainless steel. It was perhaps the first time that Fama began to make combinations of fabrics from different manufacturers in the scatter cushions, playing with different textures and colours, which offered a new and innovative image. Another feature that made this sofa special was its folding backrest, which offered two backrest positions with a simple mechanism.

2005 was an important year in terms of reference designs such as Manacor, Dune, Eloisse, La Siesta or Swing.

The Eloisse sofa stood out for being a unique piece that was manufactured in just one measure. A sofa formed by a large upholstered base with six independent back cushions. In its first combination we used fabrics from five different manufacturers, which gave it an overwhelming personality.

From 2006 is the Nimbo modular sofa. A model that had sliding seats with the backrests attached, so that they tilted slightly to offer a great comfort to the user. This model also incorporated folding arms in both the standard modules and the chaise longue.

Our iconic Lenny armchair was designed by Felix in 2005, although it was not launched until 2007. This model stood out for its extraordinary comfort and its striking design, perfect combination of concave and convex curves. No doubt it is an armchair that has served as a subsequent inspiration to a large number of designers who have spared no effort in copying the style of the Lenny armchair.

In 2008 the Selene corner sofa arrived. It was a design that arrived ahead of time and that did not last long in the catalogue. It was composed by an oval base and a narrow backrest. The corner unit incorporated a round module that allowed changing the corner angle according to the user’s needs.