We don’t know what we have, until we need it. Thanks Fama Pekes!

Peekaboo!!! Sweetie!!! Treasure!!! and many more sounds and affectionate expressions of love, combined with millions of faces in which I always keep a dangerous smile for my jaw... I do not miss a single detail of that little face and when I cannot help it anymore, a superhuman strength forces me to kiss her and say: I’m going to bite you! Trying not to nibble her literally…

Who could have said to me a couple of years ago that I would feel like a child again!

Seven months ago, my sweetheart Marina and I, were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. At the age of 29 years now, this seems like a huge achievement for many young people. A generational taboo caused by various aspects that do not let this vital instinct flourish, and it is instead postponed by the search of greater stability.

Those young people who live abroad, away from their parents and in-laws, from whom we receive an essential and unconditional support... those who do not find work stability, even after having studied really hard day after day to complete their studies… or those who are saving to be able, in a few years, to start looking for a home to live with their partner and start a family... all of them are real heroes.

I feel extremely lucky, because I do not know which architect lined up all the stars for me so that I could welcome this new stage of my life.

I am part of the FAMA family for 3 years now. In my beginnings, people used to talk about a virus among us that turned many of us into daddies and mummies. In fact, if we check the statistics, I am are sure that we are above the average birth rate of many companies.

Now I realise that this virus is called Fama Pekes, apart from the stability that our company offers us, Fama Pekes is our nursery, which allows us to work, in my case 34 steps and in the case of my partner 40 steps (counted) from our little one.

You can imagine the peacefulness and how easy this nursery makes everything for us... apart from knowing that our daughter, already begins to socialise and grow in all senses in the company of other children, the children of our colleagues. Under the tutelage of 4 teaching professionals who make sure that she plays, laughs, eats, sleeps and learn so many new things for her. They also do theme parties and other activities in facilities designed by the company to do this work in the best way possible with the little ones in the morning, and also offer a playroom service in the afternoon for older kids too.

The truth is that sometimes, when we go up to the toilet that is right above the nursery, and our kids happen to be playing in the playground, we allow ourselves one minute to stare at them, gawking and looking at the kings or queens of our houses having so much fun. This is quite a shot of energy for us, much better than any other labour therapy. Energy that makes us return to our jobs with great motivation and excitement, and this helps us put all our love and know-how in the design and manufacture of our sofas, which all our Famalovers around the world will enjoy in their homes, with the most valuable persons in their lives...