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A different and original collection. Salonga is a pattern that draws the motif of a parti-coloured spike that produces a well-balanced interwoven effect. On the other hand, Maui draws a collage of silhouettes of tropical leaves that play with combinations of pastel colours which are very pleasant to the eye.

Perfect to combine with any type of plain collection.


Patterns and colours

The Maui-Salonga collection consists of two different patterns: Maui and Salonga.

Every pattern is available in five different colours: brown, green and pink, green and blue, pink and orange.

Customer Photos

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Cleaning details

lavado 30 grados

Max. Temperature 30º

Machine wash Max. 30º

No usar lejía

Do not use bleach

Do not use bleach

Limpieza en seco

Dry cleaning

Use common products

No planchar

Do not iron

nor use any steam treatment.


33%PES 67%CO


36.000 cycles

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Made in Spain

Made in Spain

Recommended for the use of:

Big back cushions, Armchairs, Small cushions, Chairs

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