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KLEE&KLEVER, the new contemporary corner sofas.

Klee&Klever is a new programme of modular sofas with simple lines in which the most important feature is the base; a platform where we can place several elements offering a wide range of combinations. We have designed a clever system to easily move the different pieces without having to use any tools.

The only difference between Klee and Klever is the seat depth: Klee is 105cm deep and 42cm high and these measures favour a more relaxed and leaning back sitting position. On the other hand, Klever is 83cm deep and 46cm high, what favours a more upright way of sitting. Moreover, it is more a compact sofa with the ideal measures for small apartments.




There is also a wide range of pieces such as seats, footstools, wooden tops, storage units, wooden shelves, and three different backrest designs.

There is an important aspect to bear in mind: when the sofa is assembled the joins of the platforms are not visible, so you can have a 3m piece or a large 3x3 modular composition, avoiding the usual visible connections that can be found in most modular sofas.



Klee Measurements
Klever Measurements
Klee 3D

El modelo Klee es un programa modular con infinidad de posibilidades en cuanto a medidas. Su construcción consiste en una plataforma sobre la cual se estructuran los respaldos, asientos y brazos, permitiendo combinar diferentes medidas y alturas de cada uno de ellos.

Os dejamos el croquis en el que podéis ver las medidas de asiento, respaldo y brazo disponibles, así como algunas de las composiciones más comunes que podéis tomar como ejemplo.

La diferencia entre los modelos Klee y Klever es el fondo de asiento. Klee tiene un fondo más profundo de 105 cm y Klever de 83 cm.

Podéis descargar el croquis en pdf en el apartado "Descargas y documentos" del producto.

Fabrics choice


All our sofas and armchairs can be totally customised. You can choose among more than 1000 different materials available in our range. Plain or patterned fabrics, synthetic or natural materials such as cotton or linen, velvets or leather, they are all available in a very wide range of colours.

You can see the different collections of materials in the FABRIC COLLECTIONS section.

The best part is that you can combine different fabrics as you like, mixing different textures, colours and patterns, to make your sofa an exclusive and unique piece.

Legs options

Metal 14cm
Pata Metal 14cm

La pata estándar del modelo Klee es de metal lacado en negro antracita.

Tiene una altura de 14 cm, lo que permite que pueda pasar el robot aspirador por debajo sin problema.

Customer Photos

Simona de



Frame of pine wood and MDF


Fibersilk 100%


Polyurethane 35 kg + fiber (Medium Hardness)


Fibersilk 100%


With Storage

Esté modelo dispone de un módulo-arcón para guardar cualquier accesorio.

icono - cojines incluidos

Includes scatters

Includes scatters


Cleaning robot

Altura de pata suficiente para permitir la limpieza con robot aspirador.

Brazos reversibles

Reversing Arms

Este modelo dispone de diferentes tipos de brazos intercambiables.



Livetime warranty in frame and seat suspension. Rest of pieces 2 years.

Gestión Mediambiental

Sustainable manufacture

Sustainable manufacture


En los siguientes vídeos podréis ver de forma muy gráfica las diferentes opciones que ofrece el programa modular Klee, así como las instrucciones de montaje de manera sencilla.

Downloads and documentation


You look at it wherever you look, you will like it, don't stop turning it, all sides are beautiful.

2D Simulation

You can dress the different pieces with more than 1000 different fabrics and 130 leather colours, and see how your ideal sofa would look.


Mesa encastrable
Mesa arcón elevable
Tablero estante
Estantería Klee

Environmentally friendly

We are looking after every single step of our manufacturing process in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, considering the packing, the shipping and the durability of our products.

Klee&Klever sofas are the first project related to our new philosophy of circular economy, that we have recently implemented in Fama, carrying out several measures with the aim of reducing the impact of our production processes on the environment.

In this case, it is essential to highlight that these products are flat-packed, so that we produce the minimum waste when packaging these sofas in order to reduce the shipping volume. Moreover, the different types of materials used in their construction have not been glued together. Therefore, when their shelf life end (probably in 20, 25, or 30 years’ time), all the different materials will be easily separated for their recycling: metal, foam, fabric and board.

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Arkaitz (Usurbil) Verified purchase
25 de May 2020
Cómodo, con mucho estilo y para todas las edades. Supera nuestras expectativas
Arkaitz (Usurbil) Verified purchase
25 de May 2020
Cómodo, con mucho estilo y para todas las edades. Supera nuestras expectativas
Arkaitz (Usurbil) Verified purchase
25 de May 2020
Cómodo, con mucho estilo y para todas las edades. Supera nuestras expectativas

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