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Guide to choose your ideal sofa

Guide to choose your ideal sofa

If it is the first time that you are buying a sofa, it is very likely that you do not know the important aspects to bear in mind in order to avoid buying the wrong product.

Almost a third of people who buy a sofa regret their decision in the first two months of use. This may be due to having purchased the sofa online without testing it, not having received professional in-store advice or simply because of looking only at the attractiveness of the product, without taking into account that we spend most of the time that we are at home on the sofa. Bear in mind that, when buying a sofa for your home, it is essential that it is comfy as well as stylish.

At Fama, our target is to reduce this percentage as much as possible and, with this in mind, we have designed a guide that can help you choose the most appropriate sofa or armchair for your family and your home.

We have been designing and manufacturing sofas for many years, and we want to offer you our expertise in the form of a guide with useful tips to help you choose your new sofa. We hope you like it!