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What type of seat suspension does my sofa have? Can it collapse with use?

There are several types of seat suspension (sprung, elastic webbing, etc), and with some of them the seats of the sofa collapse after time. This will not happen with our system.

Not so long ago the sprung was one of the best options of seat suspension, but it also presented two main problems: they became noisy with time, and in some cases they damaged the materials covering them (fabric and foam).

The most common system nowadays is the elastic webbing. This provides the sofa with a great comfort initially, but with time it loses elasticity and collapses.

In Fama we do not use any of these systems. We use the NEA system in our seats. It is a new system of seat suspension made out of high quality materials that offer an unlimited durability.

We offer lifetime guarantee on our webbings because we are so sure that our system will not cause any issues.