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Fama always complies with the quality standards requiredfor domestic use.

You have just bought an upholstered piece of furniture that meets all the quality standards required for domestic use. The entire manufacturing process is carried out under the strict International Quality Standards ISO 9001.
We hope you enjoy yourself relaxing in your new sofa.

In a sofa, what is inside is just as important as the outside. That is why in Fama we take special care of every single part of the sofa, regardless of whether it is visible or not.

You can becompletely sure that your new sofa willnever collapse.

The frame of the sofa or chair that you have just purchased is equipped with a brand new system of elastic webbing, NEA system, which provides the sofa with a perfect comfort and durability.

Your new sofa should not be exposed to hightemperatures, to excessiveand direct sun light, or to water.
Regarding the fabric care,we always recommend dry cleaning, regardless of the composition of the fabric. Compared withclothes, a sofa should be treated as a suit or coat, not as a shirt or jeans.

In this certificate you can find the composition of the fabrics as well as the cleaning instructions recommended by the fabric manufacturer. Thiswill help you keep your sofa in perfect conditions for a long time.

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